Get lost in a good way

Boca de la Roca offers guests not just a place to lay their head, but a Big Bend lodging experience like no other in the area. In their stay at our Big Bend cabin, guests enjoy a genuine opportunity to harness the outdoors in an accessible, secluded, serene getaway. This one-of-a-kind cabin is built on 81 acres of private desert mountain property, and is nestled at the base of a 4,700-foot mountain peak in the most majestic mountain range in Big Bend. And yes, the peak of the mountain is actually on the property – one of the tallest points north of the national park. Large mesas, arroyos, plenty of cacti, and other eye-catching geological features also surround the cabin. With Big Bend National Park as the backyard to the property, this remote retreat is centered smack in the middle of the inescapable allure the area has to offer.

What makes Boca de la Roca different from other Big Bend lodging destinations? – Top 5 reasons you’ll love your stay, and want to come back time and time again:

The Views

As we say more and more nowadays, “The pictures don’t do it justice.” This couldn’t be more true for the views at the Boca de la Roca cabin. No other  Terlingua vacation rental sits at a higher elevation, and from the porch one can take a gander across the mountainous desert for 91 miles! This particular spot in Big Bend unquestionably has “the view,” and we think it’s quite obvious as to why native Americans chose to live here (hence, the historical artifacts found on and around the property).

The view from the property is the paramount reason we established Boca de la Roca. It changed our lives from the moment we experienced it, and we never cease to hear the same from our guests.

Seclusion and Solitude

If you’re like the rest of us, your vacation to Big Bend is probably fueled by a desire to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday routine back home. Solitude and seclusion are both things you’ll find very abundant in your stay at Boca de la Roca. This Big Bend cabin is 100% off-grid and overlooks more than 90 miles of desert beauty.

The seclusion and solitude at the cabin are in a class of their own – No neighbors. No highways. No noise. You won’t find a more promising cabin in Big Bend to wind down and take a load off.


If hiking a desert mountain is on your list of things to do in Big Bend, we’ve got one of the best hiking spots in Big Bend – right on the property. The hike to the peak satisfies the sense of adventure in the more experienced hiker and for those simply looking to take a scenic walk in the great outdoors. Guests who climb to the top of the property’s peak witness an absolutely breathtaking spectacle that overlooks Big Bend National Park, Mexico and the Chisos Mountains.

* guided hikes to the peak available with a member of Boca de la Roca staff, and can be booked in advance. The hike typically takes 2-3 hours round trip.

Remote, Yet Convenient Location

After a day of adventure and sightseeing, the freedom to wind down in nature with second-to-none peace, quiet, isolation and solitude is worth its weight in gold.

With so many things to do and places to see, one can spend weeks in the area. This is why choosing the right place to stay in Big Bend is essential for having the best vacation possible. From Boca de la Roca, Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park, are just over a 1/2-hour scenic drive south. Terlingua/Study Butte and the Ghost Town are also only a 1/2-hour away – where you’ll find sights, music, food and fun and West Texas nightlife.

Spending the day at Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, kayaking the Rio Grande, driving Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, or enjoying a hot cup of Terlingua Chili, are all things we encourage doing while here – and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

The Silence

We have just 1 rule for our guests at Boca de la Roca: Get settled in, then go back outside, take 60 seconds, mimic the nearby rocks – stand still – and don’t talk. The immense stillness and silence might be a bit overwhelming – enjoy it.