The Cabin

Inside the Cabin

Relax and unwind with all of the creature comforts of home, and soak up the undeniably best views in Big Bend. This Terlingua lodging destination was built with an abundance of windows throughout to compliment the landscape day and night, accentuating the scenic terrain not only while outdoors, but from inside as well. The cabin is fully furnished, with a clean, luxurious, modern with an aged-elegance appeal. And it’s 100% off-grid – solely powered by El Sol.

BEDROOMS: We guarantee your time spent indoors will be quite comfortable with 2 private separate bedrooms each featuring: a comfy queen bed, high-end linens, plush Turkish rugs, hand-made tapestries, warm live-edge wood accents, and authentic historical artwork native to Big Bend.

BATHROOMS: Both bedrooms have their own adjoining private master bathroom featuring: a custom-built shower, custom-made stone sink, genuine Turkish rugs, fresh towels, and a walk-in closet with plenty of shelving for storage/luggage.

KITCHEN: Unwind each morning at our 15-foot breakfast bar, exclusively crafted to admire the desert landscape to the north. The table sits behind 4 giant picture windows framing in the best primitive views in Big Bend. The kitchen is also equipped with plenty of counter space, a coffee-tea station, medium-size refrigerator, oven range/stove, microwave, and all the utensils and cooking essentials you’d find in your home.

LOUNGE: Hang out with friends & family while taking in the desert scenery in our lounge area featuring: 4 deluxe 360-degree swivel chairs, a book shelf with great reads about the area, warm live-edge wood accents, and a plush round rug to tie it all together.

East Bedroom/Bath

West Bedroom/Bath


Outside of the Cabin

The cabin itself is built on 81 acres of private desert mountain property and is nestled at the base of a 4,700-foot mountain peak in the most majestic mountain region in Big Bend. Boca de la Roca’s mountain peak is directly on the property and is one of the tallest points north of the Big Bend National Park.

Our porch faces north and is conveniently shaded throughout the day. From the porch, guests can relax and admire Boca’s one-of-a-kind sprawling views (from the cabin porch, one can peer 91 miles across the desert). No other Terlingua vacation rental destination comes close to the magnificent views from the Boca property – hands down. The panoramas from the property changed our lives the first time we experienced it, and our guests continually declare the same during their stay.

*Air Conditioning*

The dry heat in Big Bend makes for cooler feeling temperatures even when it’s hot, and the dry air does wonders for cooling down each night. There’s a 20-degree to 35-degree drop in temperature each night, and guests typically won’t need AC from October to mid-May. For the hotter months (mid-May through late-September), the bedrooms and the common room are equipped with Air Conditioning, but providing AC to our guests comes with a few conditions. The cabin is solar-powered, and the AC is meant to be ran when the sun is shining. Using the AC to help cool down at night is possible, but of course power is limited. AC ran very lightly during the night is typically okay. Please keep this in mind when booking your stay.

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