House Rules

Our #1 goal is to provide an environment that allows our guests to relax and escape from the everyday stresses of life in a comfortable, clean, remote getaway. There are few things we ask of our guests to help keep this possible:

No-Smoking Policy: The entire property – including the cabin – is non-smoking: No butts about it. The burn ban isn’t something to be taken lightly – wildfires are a major threat for the area.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations 7 days or less before arrival = no refund. Cancellations 8-14 days before arrival = 50% refund. Cancellations 15 days or more before arrival = 100% refund with a $35 cancellation fee.

Burn Ban: Big Bend has, and will always have, a burn ban in affect. Camp fires, portable heaters, and grills are strictly prohibited.

Firearms: This is Texas – we’re gun-friendly. However, since this is privately-owned property, discharging any firearm without Boca de la Roca consent, and/or without Boca de la Roca personnel present, is prohibited. The desert is a fragile ecosystem, so hunting, poaching, and killing of wild animals on the property will result in termination of reservation without refund and expulsion from premises. Legal action will also be taken against offenders.

Respect the Land: We offer a Terlingua cabin getaway unlike anything else in Big Bend, and we know you will want to come back time and time again. The best way you can compliment what we do is to treat it with respect. The best way to respect Boca de la Roca is to preserve it. Collecting crawly critters, rocks, plants, cacti and other stuff found on the property is prohibited – let’s keep this beautiful desert “au naturel.”

Noise Restrictions: There ain’t none.

Water Usage: Water is a rare and precious resource in Big Bend. We appreciate your best efforts to conserve our limited supply of water.

Solar Usage: Boca is off-grid, and is solely powered by El Sol (the sun). The solar system is designed to run all appliances, outlets and lights, but solar battery system won’t last forever. The electricity is limited, so be sure to turn off all lights and “on/off” electronics/appliances when not in use, and especially each time you leave the cabin.

Cell Phones: You may get a weak signal at the cabin (about the only place you will have a signal between Alpine and Terlingua). So when you get a signal, do yourself a favor, turn the damn thing off, then zip it up in your suitcase. You’ll be glad you did.